Monday, May 23, 2011

How Will You Cook That Storage Food? Try This Cookbook For Ideas!

Bland, tasteless food is not only unnecessary, but in some survival scenarios, dangerous!
It’s one thing to be set up and prepared for off-grid cooking. But what happens when (insert appropriate apocalyptic acronym) happens and all you have to eat is the stored staples in your pantry.
Do you know how to cook those foods?
Small children and elderly folks might just quit eating, and that can put everyone at risk.  When a person is weak from lack of sustenance, they can’t function, and that could affect the larger group.
Luckily, this food monotony issue has been addressed in Jan LeBaron’s latest cookbook: “Jan’s Fabulous Food Storage Recipes: Converting Stored Foods into Usable Meals.”
The book is loaded with recipes that cover the gamete of foods from Breads to Vegetables and Potatoes. To read the review, click here!

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