Friday, May 13, 2011

Survival Food: Cowboy Spaghetti

Survival food is sustenance that can be made easily during a survival or emergency situation with simple, long-term storage food items, cooked outdoors, using off-the-grid methods.
But if it doesn't taste good, or you cook the same recipe day after day, food monotony may set in, and that can be dangerous! 
This week' s recipe "Cowboy Spaghetti" comes from Jan LaBaron's latest cookbook: “Jan’s Fabulous Food Storage Recipes: Converting Stored Foods Into Usable Meals.
In this recipe, Jan shows you how to make a simple spaghetti dish in one pot. This can all be done over a campfire, or by using lighted charcoal. It is also a good meal to prepare using a propane or turkey cooker outside.
To listen to Jan's interview on the Feb. 18, 2011 Radio show click here.
To read the recipe click here 

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