Sunday, May 8, 2011

Survival Recipe: Soup/Gravy Mix From Storage Staples

A good soup or gravy recipe mix can do a lot to stave off diet monotony!
When the big earthquake hits the Oregon coast, or there is a quake along the New Madrid Fault, or the water keeps rising and shuts off the roads you’ll still have to keep eating. That’s why we’re preppers, and why we prepare for emergencies and disasters!
And while you may be feeling pretty good that you have a stock of rice, beans and other staples, there must be provisions to make different-tasting meals. Otherwise, at some point, diet monotony will set in. Being able to introduce different, familiar tastes into the equation, while using what is on hand, will be important!
Here is an easy recipe to make gravy or a soup base, using storage foods.

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